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Yorkshire House Foods Ltd. PROJECT ORION

This assignment is based on the attached Yorkshire House Foods scenario. To complete this assignment, you should provide a report containing the following sections:      1.      A management overview of how the Orion project should be managed.    (40%)   2.      A financial plan, in a spreadsheet, taking into account discounted cash flows.  You must also provide, in text, an evaluation of the financial plan.    (10%)   3.      A project plan, created using Microsoft Project software, showing a network of tasks, the critical path, human resources required and expected completion times. Use a start date of November 3rd 2014.   You must also provide, in text, your appraisal of the value of the software tool.  (30%)   4.      A briefing paper to your management team on the key issues around managing organisational change.    (20%)   N.B.  The style of writing and structure of your report should be suitable for managers in a business organisation.  However, as this is also an academic assignment, you must cite appropriate academic sources throughout the report and provide a list of references.  A well written succinct report will contain 3000 to 4000 words plus diagrams, spreadsheet and project plan.