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What was the Socratic Method

What was the Socratic Method as Socrates practiced it?

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Hello there. Will get back with an answer. Till then, if you want to add something to your question, please do so. Are you interested and asking this in the context of a particular dialogue?
Socratic method is a process of dialogue and elenchus through which Socrates used to cross-question, examine, scrutinize and finally refute the arguments given by the other person to make him quesiton his own assumptions about various ethical and epistemological issues. Though Socrates himself didn’t write, we have access to him through Plato’s writings which are usually in Socratic dialogues. This method is quite popular in modern pedagogy as it can be effectively used by the instructor to facilitate critical thinking in the students. This style of teaching-learning challenges a didactic model which is based on teacher depositing knowledge in the students. In the elenctic or dialectic method (which Plato develops) the teacher and student are in critical dialogue to arrive at more nuanced understanding of the topic.