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Quantitative Techniques in Business

You are the Assistant Director of Strategy of a company of your aspirations, and have been charged with producing a forecast of the company’s operational targets: 1.    Sales/Turnover forecast of  5 years 2.    Net profit forecast of 5 years 3.    Total Asset Values forecast of 5 years 4.    Long term liabilities forecast of 5 years Using historical data from the company of your choice e.g. Deutsche Bank, RBS, BNP Paribas, Coca-Cola.       Task 2: Data Entry and Analysis Input the primary data collected in any statistical software (say SPSS; Excel; Minitab and so on) and analyze the data in the context of the following:   i. Descriptive statistics of your variables [use the mean and standard deviation]You may support your presentation with a graphical analysis;   ii. A regression analysis at the 95% level of confidence noting factors that    have significant impact on the dependent variable = Sales Revenue     Task 3: Report Writing or Presentation [3000 Words] Write your report using the following contents:   1.0  Introduction  [300 Words] [the objective of the report; the key highlights to be captured; and so on]   2.0  Factors influencing the choice of an company: [800 Words] [a brief introduction to the sector; the factors used for the analysis and the relevant literature supporting their inclusion; also the providers used in your analysis and a justification for their inclusion]   3.0  Sample characteristics: [300 Words] [the response rate; demographic characteristics; the choice of sample and justification:  Support your discussion in this section with some relevant graphs]   4.0  Data Analysis and Findings: [1400 Words] [Descriptive statistics and regression analysis] FOR THE FORECAST YEARS  NOT HISTORICAL DATA   5.0  Conclusion and recommendation (s): [200 Words] [provide a suitable conclusion and recommendation that can used by an airline service providers to enhance their market share or performance.   Marking Scheme   Component Maximum Marks (%) Comments Introduction 5 An excellent introduction should provide clarity on the relevance and the context of this report. It should also address the key highlights to be discussed in the report. One or two references should be included to add quality to presentation