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Project Management in Business

Scenario   The Palm Trees Spa is a premium resort located in the warm tropical region in the Pacific Ocean.   It has successfully blended the concept of combining sea, sand and sun to provide the visitors a dream holiday right from its launch five years ago.   Due to its reputation for excellent customer service, beautifully landscaped tropical gardens and the promise of a perfect stay for its guests, Palm Trees Spa has fast become a popular holiday destination in the region.   However, the resort is not without any shortcomings. Its major drawback is the lack of strong online presence and absence of online reservation system which has left them weaker in attracting high value international tourists and corporate clients. It is also noted that competitors use management information systems for streamlining their operation and improving the service delivery which unfortunately is not in use here in Palm Trees Spa.   The management is considering the adoption of a new technological development to solve the issues facing the resort for which the board has recently sanctioned the budget to implement an integrated MIS system which could project the resort into the worldwide internet map. The system should allow the prospective clients to book holidays online and also be able to communicate with the resort through interactive internet system. Task 1 Imagine you have been assigned to solve the technological shortcomings of Palm Trees Spa.  As an experienced manager having handled numerous operations as well as projects in the past, you see the necessity of treating this job as a Project.  In order to convince the management on your view, you are required to do the following: a)    Describe how project management principles can be applied in implementing the technological development task pertinent in the Palm Tree Spa Resort. Support your writing by giving a background on project management. (covers assessment criteria 1.1)   b)    Develop the success and failure criteria for the proposed project and appraise its viability in the given scenario. (covers assessment criteria 1.2)   c)    Explain the principles behind setting up the systems and procedures for the effective use of resources in the project management. (covers assessment criteria 1.3)     d)    Explain the key stages involved in the process of closing down the project and conducting post post-project appraisals. (covers assessment criteria 1.4)   To achieve M1 demonstrate the ability of identifying the right solution for project management challenges through evidences of extensive research and practical applications.   To achieve D3 demonstrate that innovative and creative thoughts have been applied in developing the project management system and procedure which includes effective success and failure criteria and the review process.