How much emission is possible

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How much emission is possible

How much emission is possible when hydrogen atom spectra in exited state return to lower energy state and ultimately ground state for emission spectral lines?

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This is when the hydrogen atom’s electron in the n = 4 quantum level of a Bohr atom drops to the ground state (i.e. n = 1).

It will be helpful if I can get a diagram to illustrate each of the possible transitions responsible for the spectral lines.

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According to Bohr’s equation, the energy change of an electron while returning to a lower energy state from its excited state is given by the formula, Energy difference (E) = Ef – Ei where Ef or Ei = -2.18 * 10^-18 J (1/n^2). Here n is the number of orbit. nf means the higher energy state and ni means the lower energy state. Similarly Ef means energy in the higher energy state and Ei means energy in the lower energy state. So in this case, if we put Ef = 4 and Ei = 1 in the above mentioned formula, then,
Ef = -2.18 * 10^-18 (1/4^2)
= -1.36 * 10^-19
Ei = -2.18 * 10^-18 (1/1^2)
= -2.18 * 10^-18
Energy difference = Ef – Ei
= -1.36 * 10^-19 – (-2.18 * 10^-18) J
= -2.04 *10^-18 J