How can a paper be written on a visit

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How can a paper be written on a visit

How can a paper be written on a visit to an art exhibit and personal reaction to an artwork?

I have to write a 800-1000 word paper after visiting an art exhibit. It should include my response to the exhibit, details of the exhibit (where, when, who, what), and my personal reaction to the work using the terms and techniques we were taught in class. Can you help me with this? Thank you.

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The ways of writing a paper is manifold. You can think of one single idea and work around it or find a few steps or segments and then elaborate them. I usually find the latter helpful, especially when I am not clear of my central idea. The suggestion is to first divide your paper in to specific segments. Each paper must have at least an introduction, a description, some literature review, your comments and finally conclusion. The segmentation process may help you build these sections.
These segments may include the ones that you have already mentioned. For example, your response to the exhibit can be divided into two sections. One section might be what your expectation was from it prior to your visit. In this section you can write about (1) your reading about the exhibit; (2) if you have seen something like this artist’s work before; (3) your reaction to that work; (3) what your expectation was from this exhibit. This can form your introduction.
You have already mentioned that your paper should include the details of the exhibit. This already has four section in it – where, when, what, who. Since this is an art exhibit you may also include some history of the artist to make your writing seem distinct. This can be your description part.
The literature review would take up most of your paper. You need to discuss in details not only the technique and terms but also the aesthetic and historical importance. Do cite as much as you can for this section. This section would show that you are well versed with the topic.
In the comment section add what you honestly thought about the exhibit. You don’t have to say only positive things. But if you do mention negative aspects there should be very well established logic behind that comment.
The comment can grow into a conclusion. Add a little summary of the points mentioned in your paper. Do mention the points that you would like to mention later. This shows that there is more possibility of research in this subject.
As an end note, try writing around 200 words in each section (introduction, description, literature review, comments, and conclusion) and you should have your paper ready. Also if you can add an one like introduction and an one line conclusion in each segment it would give your writing a more compact look. The introduction can be what you would do in this section and the conclusion can be one line summary of what you have done in this section. Happy writing!