How are Thomas Edison

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How are Thomas Edison

How are Thomas Edison’s inventions of the incandescent light bulb, the phonograph, and the motion picture camera philosophically significant?

The is for my philosophy of science class. This question is a big part of a term paper that I have to write, so as much information as possible would be greatly appreciated. I need to know a plausible account of how my above question may be philosophically significant.

“A plausible account of how this episode may be philosophically significant” means: a discussion of some general conclusions that might be drawn from this event, or a way in which this event might teach us about what science is and how it works. One strategy you might use in thinking about how to discuss the“philosophical significance” of the event, is to try to find ways that the event fits with, or contradicts, some of the more general claims about science.

This paper is due on the 14th, so if it can be answered asap I would greatly appreciate it.