Marketing Mix in Different Contexts-Btechnd

Marketing Mix in Different Contexts-Btechnd

Marketing Mix in Different Contexts-BtechndPlan marketing mixes for two different segments in consumer market

The two different types of market in the business world are as follows: Organizational or B2B marketing is the market transaction among the various businesses and not directly to the end consumer. It helps in analyzing the requirement of the company and increasing the sales of the products. Consumer or B2C marketing refers to the sale of the products directly to the consumer or the end user involving no middleman in between. Technology have made the availability of the product easier to the consumer.
Marketing mix has seven elements (7P’s) which are already discussed above which are as follows:

  • Price

The product should have a good value for the money. It does not infer that it is the cheapest price but the quality product.

  • Product

The product should satisfy all the needs of the customers.

  • Promotion

Advertisement, direct selling, personal selling and public relations help in the promotion of the product.

  • Place

The target marketing should be analyzed according to the place.

  • People

The trends and the behavior of the people should be analyzed before launching the product.

  • Process

The whole process for the launching and the marketing of the product should be decided in advance.

  • Physical evidence

It includes all the physical elements that are evident when the product is brought is bulk. (Martin, 2014)

The various segments in the organization in the business market are based on the following such as geographic, physiographic, demographic and customer behavior. Sainsbury’s is operating all around the world in more than twenty countries. The product and the prices of the product are different in the UK and Qatar due to the difference in the physiology, geography and demography of both the countries. There are differences even in the behavior and the living standards of the people living in both the places. In Qatar the prices of the products are high while in UK the price of the product are low due to production of the goods in UK itself. There is the huge variation in the nature of the products according to the geography of the place. The marketing methods and the physical evidence of the company are same in both the places. The thing that differs is the behavior of the people in both the places. So, there has to be the difference in the promotion activities, price and the product sold at both the places. Offers have to be made according to the people so the offers also differ at both he places. The employees and the management staff differ at both the places so there is the difference in the method of promotion at both the places. The product for the male and female differ at both the places so does the price of the product. The health care services of the product differ according to the conditions present in different countries so the health care products also differ. The beauty products also differ in accordance to the customs of the place. Sainsbury’s has different promotional activities for different places. (Mind tools. 2016)

Most of the product and services sold through B2C marketing are for personnel use of the customers and their personnel consumption.

  • B2B marketing strategy

B2B marketing deals with building the perspective of the customer and healthy relationship with the customers. This is a very lengthy and the complicated process. This marketing process has the main focus on development of the product so there is a great sale of the product in the market. This process plays a very important role in the marketing and the sale of the product. The potential customers of both the markets are almost similar and it is more focused and concentrated. The buying and the selling is not a one step process instead it is a multi-step process. The customers are educated and they are well aware of the quality of the product and the brand value. The promotional activities of the product are through different medium such as internet, newspaper and the social media. It helps in making the brand value of the company in the market.

  • B2C marketing strategy

The marketing strategy that deals with the sales of the product of the company is directly to the market. This marketing strategy is used to attract more and more customers at a very fast rate. This helps in increasing the sales of the company. The employees of the company ae directed to use various marketing strategy by their managers such as gift cards, bonus points and various discounts. This step is taken to attract the customers towards buying a large number of products from the company. B2C marketing strategy is based on the increasing the share of the company in the market in a very small span of time. The main aim of the company is selling the products directly to the end customer. The process of purchase of the products is kept very simple in order to enable the customer from buying the products otherwise the customer will fall for other easy options. This aims at making the long term relationship with the customers. (Burns, 2016) Order Now

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