Unit 6 Advertisement and Promotion in Business Assignment

Unit 6 Advertisement and Promotion in Business Assignment

IntroductionUnit 6 Advertisement and Promotion in Business Assignment

6. How is branding used to strengthen a business or product

Branding is a process to develop the company’s asset in the form of good reputation in the market and among consumers. It develops the expectation about the company’s services and products and encourages the company to maintain, exceed and bring out better products to earn the customer’s loyalty. This is done by creating a unique image in the consumer’s mind about the products through advertising campaigns and consistent performance. (Brick Marketing, n.d.)
The use of branding to strengthen the business or product:

  • Confirms company’s credibility: The credibility of the company is delivered to the customer with the help of the brand’s name. This enhances the customer’s believe in the organisation. The company needs to remain in consistent research to maintain the credibility of the company as the consumer does not take much time to switch to the other brands. (Saunders, 2011)
  • Deliver’s the message clearly: The branding with its logo, name, and striplings communicates and delivers the exact message about the product to the consumers.
  • Connect to the audience psychologically: The campaigns about the brands are done in such a way that the customer feels connected to the brand emotionally. They increase the confidence and relate them to the relationships. The brand image is designed by keeping the target audience in mind and is designed as the magnetic material for them. (Anon (I), 2008)
  • Motivates the buyer: People with the successive use of a particular brand are always comfortable and confident in using the same brand. If the brand has won the loyalty of the customer, it is very difficult to convince them to change the brand. So the consistent brand performance makes the business more strong. (Ben, 2013)
  • Secures users loyalty: The companies with the analysis if the market try to build up, maintain and exceed the brand value to stick their loyal customers with them and attaining their mind set for consuming their products only. The companies stay connected with the consumers through, phones, messages, e mails and make them feel their importance and encourage a lifetime brand loyalty which helps in enhancing the business and promoting it. (Moore, n.d.)

7. Creative aspects of advertising

There are certain creative aspects of advertising in the advertising and promotion help industry that helps in the marketing of the product efficiently.

  • Creative brief:The outlined instruction of the creative work to be done by the creative team of the company is the creative brief. The copywriters and graphic artists are informed about the work required for the client and the strategies of the agencies in designing the particular ad. (WiseGeek, n.d.)
  • Communication brief:The thorough discussion about the positioning the product, targeting the particular audience, the message to be sent in the public and the designing of the message is the process of communication brief with the creative team.
  • Advertisements designed by professional using ICT: The Photoshop advertisements leave a negative impact on the consumers. The advertising needs to be short, specific and original. The usage of ICT is flourishing the business because it is the easiest mean of sending the messages to the target audience. (Gourmet Ads, n.d.)

8.Ways of working with advertising agencies

Every company whether it is big or small want to flourish their business and premier services and goods to the customers.
The small business outsources the designing of the advertisements and promotions to the advertising agencies and wants to create an impact on the public. For this the companies need to have good relationship with the agencies to be mutually beneficial.
There are some ways to work efficiently with the advertising agencies.

  • Set clear goals:The Company should have a specific goal and must be aware of that like the company wants to target the new audience, retain the existing or want to have a strict sale. Be sure that the agency knows what exactly is there in the mind of the company and its expectations. Without clearing the goals it is impossible to judge the effectiveness of the advertisements, slogans, banners, designs and the campaign.
  • Cover the budget basis: The money matters need to be clear. The company should plan a specific budget for each part of the campaign and discuss it with the agencies and tell them an overall budget of the project for the marketing of the small business. The budget should be reviews timely for specific printing projects, designing, administrative cost and agency advertising commission.
  • Establish specific timelines: The Company should be specific about the launch of the product and analysing the intermediate work to eradicate any hassle and save time. The Company should be quick in providing all the information required by the agencies and proof read of the work shown by them.
      • Corporate communications:The exact information of the cosmetics business will be shared with the stakeholders. The manager should have the good speaking and writing and listening skills to assist the complete information shared with in the company. (Anon II, 2010)
      • Image and identity:This is the core of our cosmetic company which involves the history, belief, Philosophy, technology, people, values and strategies. The Identity will help us to determine the positioning of our organisation. (Stellenbosch University, n.d.)
      • This is a very influential marketing strategy which we can utilise with the help of our satisfied customers. We can ask them for the written or oral recommendation of the prospective customers of our cosmetics. (Business Dictionary (II), n.d.)
      • Personal selling:This is the advertising activity in which one party will sell the product to the other party and both the parties will obtain value. For this the salesperson of our cosmetic industry should have the complete knowledge of the product to settle down all the queries regarding the products to the consumer. This develops a relationship between the company and the consumer. (Know This, n.d.)Stay in touch:Communication plays the vital role in maintaining the business relationships. The company should remain in a regular contact with the agency staff while developing and designing the project. The company needs to be specific about its work and ask for the changes in between. The comments should be constructive and the mails and phones need to be answered quickly. (Montgomery, 2009)

        9. Primary techniques of below-the-line promotion and how to use them in an integrated promotional strategy for your business

        Below the line promotion refers to the non- media promotion technique of promotion. This means the promotion is done other than the mediums like radio, television, print, and internet. The techniques used in above the line promotions are discussed below:

        health and care prduct ads

        • Sales promotion:This is the best marketing activity to boost the sale of the cosmetics company. There are two sales promotions. Trade and consumer sales promotion. The sales promotion increases the sales of the cosmetics in specific seasons like the wedding and festivals. Special offers and packages can be offered according to the requirement of the cosmetics for specific occasion. This sale gives a good discount to the consumers. But static sales promotion will damage the brand of the company. Therefore the sales promotion should be tactic. (The Economic Times, n.d.)
        • Public relation:This will be done by the person to person conversation about the product with demonstrations of the cosmetics at different places like the showrooms, parlours etc. This activity is to make the people understand the usage of the products and how it is utilised in the correct form. (Lake, n.d.)
        • Loyalty scheme:The loyalty schemes will be utilised for retaining the customers. We will plan the reward points to the consumers of the cosmetics and offer them the cards with the complete information about their loyalty points and purchasing. The activity of loyalty scheme retains the customer with the specific brand for years. (The Marketing Donut, n.d.)
        • The sponsorship marketing will be done with the campaign of the cosmetics on a large scale and the sponsors will help us out in enhancing the promotion budget. (Nxt Concepts, n.d.)
        • Product placement:The activity of product placement in which a fee will be paid to display , use or feature the cosmetic product in any show, movie or vehicles.(Business Dictionary, n.d.)

        10. Evaluation of other techniques used in below-the-line promotion

        The target of our cosmetics company is to advertise using below the line promotion. Apart from the primary techniques used for the promotion of the cosmetics brand we will use some other techniques used in below the lime promotion strategy.