Unit 4 Advertisement and Promotion in Business Assignment

4. Current trends in advertising and promotion including the impact of ICT

In today’s scenario the advertising and promotion of the products are mainly media oriented. The main ambition of advertising and promotion is to retain the old and attract the new customers with pleasing merchandise. Maximum population these days are internet surfers because of which the information and comCurrent trends in advertising and promotion including the impact of ICTmunication technology is leaving the biggest impact on the advertising industry. Therefore the advertising is done through ICT programmers which are broadcast on the internet.


Websites:Recently the trend of advertising though the official web page of the company is very effective. This is a cheap mean of advertising of the company is advertising through its own page. The web developers create the web page with the help of web authoring package.
Internet Advertising:Different websites give banner advertisements at the top, side or bottom of the web page. Others are in the form of pop -up windows. Bulk E mail advertisements also allow people to understand the latest trends in the market.
The online promotion is most popular among the online site visitors around the official sites. This makes the customer aware of the new products with the details of the features. The customer can do the comparison with the other products instantly on the internet. (Slideshare, n.d.)

5. Role of advertising in an integrated promotional strategy for a fast food business

Fast food is liked by the consumers of all ages especially the children and adolescents. The advertising agencies promote the product in such a way that it attracts the fast food lovers of every generation. The restaurant franchisees and owner use their own techniques to advertise their products according to the budget, target market and brand awareness in the people. But the companies target the youth because they can be influenced, spending power and are the future adult consumer. They collectively use the online, television, print media, radio and many other strategic methods to reach to their customers. After hearing the criticism over the years for promoting the Fast food the modern campaign is working on the promotion of healthy options. (Story and French, 2004)

Role of advertisements in the promotion of the fast food business

Online promotions:The advertising industry target the people using internet with interactive tecMcDonnaldhniques. The internet promotion is different than the television promotion where the website contents and the advertisements are integrated and published. The innovative methods of entertainment, animation, quiz, riddles, e mails, clips of commercials, screensaver and provision of discount coupons and special offer on specific days attracts the people for the purchase of the fast food.
Viral Videos: The attractive and humorous videos on YouTube and television capture the mind of the people regarding the taste of the fast food. The sales rate if products have extensively increased with the video publicity as the kids want to watch such videos again and again and demand their parents for that.


Mobile applications:Mobile application publicity has helped in increasing the sale of the products. The companies having a brand name in the fast food market develop the mobile application. Consumers have installed these applications in their mobiles and get discount offers and gift points regularly which can be checked and redeemed from the restaurants. This has increased the craze in the consumers to install such applications and buy the products to earn points and avail discounts.
Advergames for kids:The online advergames to kids influence a lot and make their mind as if this is the product they have searched for. This has enhanced the sales of the fast food in the market. The fast food chains like McDonald’s, Burger King,etc.provide toys and playing stuff to the kids so that the kids want to visit those restaurants again. (Brookins, n.d.)

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