Unit 3 Advertisement and Promotion in Business Assignment


Advertising and promotion is the section of the marketing plan which describes that how the seller is going to utilize the unique selling propositions to the customers. The seller uses many medium to advertise their products to maintain an effective image in the minds of the consumers. This report is about the detail study that how the advertising industry uses different channels to reach the target audience and win their confidence towards the particular product. (Ward, n.d.)

1. Communication process that applies to advertising and promotion

Communication process that applies to advertising and promotion

Advertising and promotion play a vital role in the marketing mix and in both the cases the communication is the key element to inform the customers about the product. The main ambition of the communication process is to attract and influence the buyer’s behavior.
In the path of communication process, the marketing manager analysis the market to find out that who their customers are, what are their requirements, how they can be contacted, and what impressive message should be sent to them. Following are the main stages to be crossed while following the communication process to advertise and promote the products.
Segmentation:To make the communication message effective, it is essential to divide the customers into discrete groups. This can be done with the help of the market research. The common market research methods are:

  • Website statistics especially with the help of social media.
  • Analysis of the buying and sales pattern.
  • Desk research.
  • Specialist market research companies.
  • Face to face interviews.

Once the picture of the customer is clear, the research team further drills down in exploring them in detail. (Anon (I), n.d.)
Targeting:As the customers are segmented, the nest step is to target the right audience for the advertisement and promotion to ensure best possible response rate. There are various methods inform and advertise the products to the customers. Let’s discuss the main methods.

  • Mass media promotion:In this method, the advertisement and promotion is done via the mass media like newspapers, T.V, Business directories, magazines, radio, outdoor and news agent windows. This is the fastest means of promotion as the media approach is a daily routine in every customer.
  • Sales promotion: In this method of promotion the customer is attracted through the discount gift vouchers, discounts, loyalty incentives and comparison competition.
  • Promotion through public relations: This is the method where the company sends the word to the customers in the world through press conferences, PR events and Press releases.
  • Personal selling:This method promotes one to one communication with the buyers. This can be done through exhibitions, salesmen, experimental marketing, trade shows and showroom sales with special counters.
  • Direct Marketing: This method includes sending the words of promotion directly to the customers E Mails, Mail order catalogue, telemarketing, personalised letters and packaging designs.
  • Digital Marketing: This media is new and it targets the internet surfers through blogging, company websites, social media, mobile phone promotion, E-commerce and advertisements on YouTube.

Which media to choose for promotion and advertisement:
Like the completion in the market for the products, the completion of advertising is also getting intense. The traditional promotional media channels are getting saturated. Due to the multi- channel facility, people are not willing to see the advertisements on TV and skip them. In the similar way other medium are also diluting. This makes the research team to be particular in selecting the target audience and segmenting them properly to ensure that which medium would be perfect for the maximum promotion.
Positioning:This is a process for developing an image of the company and the product. The image is maintained and created with the proper advertisement and promotion through correct medium. It is to be taken in consideration that the messages through all the mediums and different advertisements should target the same goal and easy to understand by the consumers.
Development of the Advertising message:The accurate target audience is now selected and now the time is to develop the message to influence them. The message should be informative regarding the awareness of the brand, attractive to get the immediate response and tendency to maintain the interest in the consumer. (Marketing Made Simple, n.d.)Unit 3 Advertisement and Promotion in Business Assignment

2.Organisation of the advertising and promotions industry

While launching a new product in the market or introduction of the new features in the existing product, the marketing and promotion is the aspect of the marketing help in business. The promotion strategy should be immensely attractive so that it should capture the mind of the consumer and stimulates the continuous demand of it. For this an efficient promotion team is utilised for several potential avenues and they are spilt in many groups which collectively organise the advertising and promotion industry. (Huds, n.d.)
European Federation of Sales and Promotion:
The EFSP was established in 1980. It is a forum under which a lot of countries in Europe, work together, meet and exchange their innovative ideas. It promotes the higher standards of advertising and promotion industry in Europe. Annual and lobbying are the two areas that are especially maintained by EFSP.
European Association of Communication Agency:
The EACA promotes the full service advertising, media advertising as well as agency associations in Europe. Its prime ambition is to promote effective and honest advertising and create awareness regarding the contribution of advertising in the market economy. It helps in enhancing and developing cooperation between the advertising agencies, media and advertisers in Europe.
European federation of sales promotion:
The European federation of sales was established in 1980 and converted its name to Promotional Marketing Council of Europe in 2002. This organisation deals with sales promotion in all over Europe including clients, suppliers and agencies. This organisation estimates 80 per cent of sales promotion in various countries of Europe. (Rodrigo, 2012)
3. How promotion is regulated
Advertising Association established the committee of Advertising Practises in 1961 to set up the British Code of Advertising Practices. The Advertising Standard authority was established in 1962 to adjudicate complains about the advertisements. The ASA is a self- regulatory organisation of the Advertising Industry in United Kingdom. The ASA cannot enforce or interpret the legislation because it is a non- statutory Organisation but its code of Advertising practice reflects the legislation in many terms. It is not financed by the British Government but it is funded by the levy of Advertising Industry.


  • Direct marketing:The advertising tools like direct mailing, leaflets, circulars, brochures, catalogues, unsolicited mails all fall under the ASA remit. But the price lists and timetables are kept outside the remit. The private correspondence is kept outside the remit but if the leaflet promotes a new product, it will fall in the remit.
  • Printed Media:The magazines published in UK and the paid off advertisements in the newspapers fall under ASA remit. All the Advertorials are under remit apart from the Advertorials that have control of the editors because then then those advertorials are editorials.
  • Internet:If there are the online sale promotions on the British web page, they are under ASA remit. Apart from this all the company’s websites, paid on advertisements on web pages including the pop ups, sponsor links and banner ads fall under ASA remit since March 2011.
  • Broadcast Media:In 2004 the control of the regulation of Broadcast advertising was handed over to ASA. The sponsorships of the programmes are outside the remit but the advertising programmes and shopping channels fall under ASA remit. The complaints regarding the not delivery of the product is tackled by ASA.
  • Sales promotion:The sales promotion rules are made by the Institute of sales promotion which work on the same code of ASA.

Complaint procedure:

  • Data protection:The ASA require full name of the person who is filing the complaint. The details are never revealed without the person’s permission. The cases when the person needs the money back or not received the goods the ASA can request to reveal the identity.
  • Investigations:The investigators talk to the advertisers for their views on the advertisements and a recommendation is drafted for both the advertiser and complainant. This recommendation is then submitted in the independent Advertising Standards Authority Council. The Adjudication is posted on the ASA’s website and is available for the press and general public.
  • Appeals process:If the case is strong and has grounds, the appeal can be filed against the adjudication. The case is reviewed by the independent reviewer. (ASA, n.d.)