HND Hospitality Management Assignment

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This is a solution of HND Hospitality Management Assignment in which we discuss Developing business


Qualification Unit number and title
Student Name   BTEC Number    Assessor name
Date issued Interim Deadline  Final Deadline Submitted on
07/06/2016 05/07/2016  02/08/2016
Assessment Criteria for Pass
1.1 compare different management styles

1.2 discuss leadership characteristics

1.3 evaluate communication processes in selected businesses

1.4 analyze organizational culture and change in selected businesses

2.1 asses own business management skills performance

2.2 analyze personal strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats

2.3 set and prioritize objectives and targets to develop own potential

3.1 lead and motivate a team to achieve an agreed goal or objective

3.2 justify managerial decisions made to support achievement of agreed goal or objective and recommendations for improvements

4.1 explain how own managerial and personal skills will support career development

4.2 review career and personal development needs, current performance and future needs to produce development plan.


HND Hospitality Management Assignment

Assignment Outline:
This assignment will evaluate your knowledge on management behaviour, find out your ability to apply the managerial skills effectively and your potential as a prospective manager as well as your ability to scale the heights in operations management. Your evidence will vary from one task to another and the modes shall include; written reports, actual behavior, role play, group work and discussion with lecturer.
Scenario/ Context:

Task 1


You have just started working as a trainee manager in a local hotel that is under new ownership. The new owners are aware that there are some problems with the existing staff members. As you are new to the organization and might have an objective view, you are asked to address the following points:

a)      What do you think are the management styles of the department managers/supervisors?

b)      How do these leadership styles impact on staff performance?

c)      What do you think are the improvements required in communications?

d)     How would you describe the overall organization and different department cultures?

e)      What changes do you recommend?

Task 2


You are still working as a trainee manager but you recognize the need to develop your management and supervisory skills in order to provide you with more job security. You decide to analyze your personal strengths and weaknesses, and set measurable, prioritized time-bound targets for development.

Task 3


Your manager is ill and so you have been asked to take over the management of a team building event. You can find no documentation, so you have to plan for the event from scratch.

Task 4


You are doing well as a trainee manager and you wish to prepare for the future. You plan to move up the management scale, and you need to identify further training and professional development you might need to undertake.

Criteria reference To achieve the pass criteria the evidence must show that the student is able to: Task no. Evidence
1.1,1.2,1.3, 1.4 Understand the principles and practices of management behavior and their practicability in a real industry experience. 1


Written Report
2.1, 2.2, 2.3 Produce a personal skills audit and time-bound development plan. 2 Actual Behaviour and discussion with lecturer
3.1, 3.2 Successfully manage a practical event. 3 Role play, group work and written report
4.1, 4.2 Identify career targets and produce a development plan to achieve these.


4 Written report/ Portfolio
Merit Indicative Characteristics Evidence

Identify and apply strategies to find appropriate


Effective judgments have been made.

An effective approach to study and research has been applied.

Action Plan/ Discussions with Tutor

Select / design and apply appropriate methods /techniques

Appropriate learning methods/techniques have been applied. Reports/ Presentations

Present and communicate appropriate findings

Communication is appropriate for familiar and unfamiliar audiences and appropriate media have been used. Portfolio

Use critical reflection to evaluate own work and justify valid conclusions

Conclusions have been arrived at through synthesis of ideas and have been justified.

Realistic improvements have been proposed against defined characteristics for success.

Portfolio/ Discussions with Tutor

Take responsibility for managing and organizing activities

Activities have been managed. Portfolio

Demonstrate convergent/lateral/creative thinking

The quality of work, from both written and oral assessment (reports and presentations) indicates that receptiveness to new ideas is evident. Presentations /



Submission Checklist
Consistent formatting has been used (font: Times New Roman 12pt, 1.5’’ spacing, justified, paragraph, page numbers)
Alphabetical APA referencing and reference list
All tasks have been followed carefully and met
A signed Learner’s Declaration and Cover Sheet has been attached
Recommended Sources

Heizer, J. and B. Render (2004) Operations Management: International Edition, 7th edition, London: Pearson Prentice Hall.

Francis, D. and Woodcock, M. (2002) 50 Activities for Self-Development, HRD Press.

Caterer and Hotelkeeper magazine: 4Hoteliers:

Hospitality magazine:; select ‘Publications’ then ‘Magazine’.


This assignment requires you to follow tasks in relation to the supporting material attached to this planning assignment. Complete each task and do not go off task. Attach and present all portions of this work in a portfolio that is clearly named and marked with your details. Make sure to conduct readings related to the content covered in class and reference these where appropriate. Interim assessment of this assignment shall be conducted throughout the students’ period of study.

Remember 70% attendance by the end of the unit.

Plagiarism Rules and Regulations

Plagiarism is passing off the work of others as your own. This constitutes academic theft and is a serious matter which is penalized in assignment marking. Instances of plagiarism will be punished if evidence of the following is found:

•     The verbatim copying of another person’s work without acknowledgement.

•     The close paraphrasing of another person’s work by simply changing a few words or altering the order of presentation without acknowledgement.

•     The unacknowledged quotation of phrases from another person’s work and/or the presentation of another person’s idea(s) as one’s own.

No plagiarism is accepted in assignments and students are advised to do the referencing correctly according to the APA referencing System.

Submission Guidelines

A comprehensive guide to submissions can be found in the student handbook. The following presents a brief overview of submission guidelines for students.

Submission of work

Work must be submitted by the registered student for whom it belongs unless otherwise previously discussed and agreed with the course leader. Unless receipt for work has been issued work is not classed as ‘submitted’. Work must be submitted in all circumstances with the ihti assigned cover sheet and must be correctly completed and signed.

Late submission of work

Work submitted 24 hours after the deadline will not be accepted and the student will fail their assignment unless extenuating circumstances have been communicated with the lecturer.

Extenuating circumstances.

All requests concerning extenuating circumstances must be made not later than three working days before the due date of submission. Confirmation of extenuating circumstances will be given in writing, signed by the Lecturer and Dean of Studies. Where extension is granted, a copy of this letter shall accompany the late submission.

Submission deadlines and resubmissions

Submission deadlines must be strictly adhered to. Resubmission of work is only possible where the original deadline has been met and at the lecturers discretion.  

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