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This is a solution of English Assignment Help in which we discuss English is the third most common native language in the world.

English Assignment Help


English is the third most common native language in the world, it is one of the most English Assignment Helpprominent language spoken in many countries like UK, US, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and Ireland, and other nations as well to which English is not a native language. English is used as the official language of many countries and very popular language for casual conversations in non-native regions too.

In countries like UK, US, Canada English is not    only the    primary language         of data communication but also it is their official language.  Whereas, English is the most widely spoken language in Australia but it is not its official language. Despite the fact that English is the primary language to students from these countries, they lack specific skills of English language which are necessary to write good assignments.

Things That Should Be Keep In Mind About English

English has many other sub-forms or dialects due to which English language of one particular region differs from another. These differences must always be kept in mind by learners while writing an English assignment. The language differs in terms of spelling, vocabulary, pronunciation, punctuation, grammar etc.

British English

British English is the official language of United kingdom. Foreign Students have to stick by the rules of British English grammar while preparing assignments for their schools, colleges, or universities

American English

American English varies slightly from British English but those small differences in grammar and vocabulary can make huge impact on your assignment.

English Assignment Help

Australian English

English is used as the first language by majority of Australian population but it has not given the official language in the constitution of Australia.

Canadian English

Canadian English is influenced by both British English and American English in terms of vocabulary and spellings. Canadian and American English share great similarities in many ways and it is collectively known as North American English.

Nature Of English Writing Papers

This language has a rich history and culture associated with it. Nature of the assignment in English depends on the program of the students. English literature is divided into several parts as per the era(early medieval, medieval, early modern, romantic, Victorian, early modern etc.)  those are written in.

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