Business Skills For E-commerce

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This is a solution of  Business Skills For E-commerce  that describes about Developing business

 Business Skills For E-commerce

Qualification Unit number and title
Pearson BTEC HND Diploma in Computing and Systems Development Unit 1: Business Skills for e-commerce




Student name Assessor name
Aswathy Bose
Date issued Completion date Submitted on
02nd March 2016 11th May 2016
Assignment title Business Skills for e-commerce


Learner declaration
I certify that the work submitted for this assignment is my own and research sources are fully acknowledged.



Student signature:                                                Date:



Learning outcome


AC In this assessment you will have the opportunity to present evidence that shows you are able to: Task no.  


(Page no)

LO1:  Understand the structure and aims of business organisations P1.1


assess an organisation’s core business functions


P1.2  evaluate an organisation’s business aims and show how  they relate to





LO2:  Understand the impact of e-Commerce


P2.1 analyse the impact, including the risks, of introducing an e-Commerce system to an organisation


P2.2 discuss the global impact of e-Commerce on society

LO3 Be able to use different e-business models


Investigate market potential for an e-Commerce opportunity

P3.2 Evaluate current e-Commerce systems in use by organisations


P3.3 Discuss the financial implications of an e-Commerce solution


P3.4 Design an business e-Commerce solution


P3.5 Evaluate the suitability of an e-Commerce solution.

In addition to the above PASS criteria, this assignment gives you the opportunity to submit evidence in order to achieve the following MERIT and DISTINCTION grades


Grade Descriptor


Indicative characteristic/s



M1 Identify and apply strategies to find appropriate solutions
  • Effective judgment have been made



  • An effective approach to study and research has been applied
  • Should show a detailed knowledge of e-commerce industries aims objectives and its function.


  • Must be able to fully justify global impact of e-commerce on our society.
  • Must be able to fully justify how the revenue is generated today in task 3.
M2 Select/design and apply appropriate methods/techniques  

  • A range of sources of information has been used


  • Appropriate learning methods/techniques have been applied


  • A selection of methods and sources has been justified
  • Some detailed knowledge and skills have applied using relevant examples


  • Good research skills demonstrated and information system taken from different case studies and sites.


  • Full reference or bibliography should be given at the end.


  • HTML pages are fully annotated in task 4b.
M3 Present and communicate appropriate findings
  • The appropriate structure and approach has been used


  • A good presentation and use of correct English (spelling and grammar).


Documentation appropriate for familiar and unfamiliar audiences.



  • Information has been presented in the correct format in terms of layout and referencing.  The documentation is appropriate for the intended audience.


  • Good structure and clear aims and objectives defined


  • Concise reference of information and very good depth of research materials and presentation.


  • Evidence of knowledge and understanding has been clearly demonstrated.


  • Candidate should be able to answer most of the questions raised in the assignment.


D1 Use critical reflection to evaluate own work and justify valid conclusions
  • the validity of the results has been judged


  • conclusions have been arrived at through synthesis of ideas and have been justified
  •  realistic improvements have been proposed against defined characteristics  for success
  • Work is well organised and well presented and has been completed within the allotted time span.


  • Well presented with easy or read information.
  • A very good discussion on long tern existence and major benefits (Task 2 and 3).
  • Excellent reflection of your own work and reflection shows good understanding of subject.
  • Good explanation on impact of a website that does not work.
D2 Take responsibility for managing and organising activities
  • Autonomy/independence has been demonstrated.


  • Substantial activities, projects or investigations have been planned, managed and organised.


  • The unforeseen has been accommodated.



  • A high level of research has been carried out to explain your chosen topic.


  • Students have presented their own findings.


  • Overall all questions have been stretched details.
D3 Demonstrate convergent/lateral/ creative thinking
  • ideas have been generated and decision taken


  • innovation and creative thought have been applied


  • effective thinking has taken place in unfamiliar contexts
  • A very good discussion on global impact with full justification (Task 4).
  • Evidence of excellent knowledge and understanding has been clearly demonstrated.
  • Your web design in question 4 must consist of at least five pages and include appropriate links fully working. You need to demonstrate this on your screen to your tutor.
Assignment brief
Unit number and title Unit 1: Business Skills for e-commerce
Qualification Pearson BTEC HND Diploma in Computing and Systems Development
Start date 02nd March 2016
Deadline/hand-in 11th May 2016
Assessor Aswathy Bose
Assignment title
Purpose of this assignment:

To enable learners to apply the business skills needed to design an e-Commerce solution for an organisation. Read more : Glyndwr University Assignment Help 

Task 1 (LO1:P1.1)

1)    Which industry, in your opinion, stands to benefit most from e-commerce? Support your argument with few examples.

Task 2 (LO1:P1.2)

 Business Skills For E-commerce2a) Select a pure e-commerce company and analyse its aims, products / service, process and delivery agent, explaining the implications of having digitised each aspect.

2b) Can this company continue to exist in the long term?

2c) What will be implications for its stakeholders?

Task 3 (LO2:P2.1)

3a) Develop a security-awareness training session for a group of employees from the accounts and marketing departments.

3b) Explain what are the major benefits of Web-based business applications?

3c) Also discuss the impact of a website that does not work.

Task 4 (LO2:P2.2)

4a) Identify one country in Europe and one country in Asia. Using the measures for the key drivers of e-commerce, draw the table to compare the degree of advancement of e-commerce in each of the two countries.

4b) Discuss the global impact of e-commerce on our society.

Task 5 (LO3:P3.1)

5) Discuss the market potential for an upcoming online website?

Task 6 (LO3:P3.2)

6) What are the current procedures and legislations ecommerce companies are requiring to integrate into their organisation?

Task 7 (LO3:P3.3)

7) Propose an online real time business which will, in your opinion, generate good revenue in future. Explain fully how this will work and what will be a good method of payment?

Task 8 (LO3:P3.4 & P3.5)

8a) Design a website for an internet based Cakes Direct delivery business.

print the following:

8b) Screen dump of your web pages.

8c) All html pages and annotate its main features.

8d) Evaluate the suitability of your website.

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