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Leadership development refers to ability of individual that motivate, inspire and support the team members or other people to meet the goals and objectives in more convincing and professional manners. In the current business scenario, leadership of top management or leading people plays critical role to influence the knowledge and capabilities of staff members that helps to improve the performance. In other words, leadership is expansion of a person’s capabilities to be effective in leadership roles and process. These roles and process involve setting the direction, creating alignment and maintaining commitment in groups of people that are sharing the common objectives.

The concept of management development refers to improvement in the manager’s style to handle the situations and resources according to needs and planning of organization. This kind of development helps to develop the future manager and influence the learning culture within the organization that creates healthy and competitive working environment. The report will explain and critically analyze the concept of leadership and management knowledge that is beneficial for organization considering the case study of Ents and Extecs. In the next part report will analyze and evaluate the approaches to identification of leadership and management needs to meet the current and future requirement of organization. Moreover, report will analyze the leadership and management development as well as consider the ethical and professional approaches that could be helpful in professional development.


LEADERSHIP AND MANAGEMENTFor managing the leadership there are various types of styles and activities that could be used and followed by the manager of Ents software developing organization. According to given case, organization is having 300 employees in two centres in UK and a relatively new centre opened in 2010 in China.  Employees are highly qualified and are from a technical background, with a very small marketing team responsible for identifying commercial opportunities and outlets to sell new developments. In order to maintain the services and quality of products, role and responsibilities of manager needs to be increased by using the different approaches of leadership and management development. Moreover, company is looking to expand the business in the global areas by using the merger and joint-venture techniques. As per the given information, Ents has recently been forced to merge with another organisation, called Extec which is already being specialising in foreign markets. Extec employs a staff of 700 people with half of these being based in China, with its headquarters in the UK (Avolio, 2010). Extec employees have been expected to be entrepreneurs, innovators, business focused, adaptive to change; team builders and accountable for results.  Now to maintain the growth and developing the co-ordination and sustainable approach with the other organizations, the management of Ents could use the following leadership and management approaches and concepts that would be helpful in increasing the skills and knowledge of staff members. Both the organizations are using the different leadership and management approaches and theories that have significant impact on the business operations of companies. Following are the key approaches that have been identified in both organizations:

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