Ana Maria Ciubotaru Marketing Principles

Ana Maria Ciubotaru Marketing Principles
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Ana Maria Ciubotaru Marketing Principles

Task 1: Understanding marketing concept and process

1.1 Explanation of the various elements of the marketing process of Boots

Definition of Marketing: The process of marketing is oriented to bring compatibility between the company and the customers. It enables the companies to access its capabilities in order to meet the needs and wants of the customers they target. (Leader, 1990)

Scope of marketing:

  • Identifying where you have a business opportunity or where a possible market for your business is
  • Measuring what are the needs of customers and segmenting the customers in groups based upon them
  • Assessing the requirements of the company needs to meet the needs of the customers.
  • Communication once you have identified the above requisites, to the people in your company and working towards meeting the needs of the customers
  • Checking what is delivered to the customers
  • Devising and implementing a strong tool for promoting and advertising the business (Jain, 2010)

Elements of the marketing mix of boots:

Ana Maria Ciubotaru Marketing Principles

Product: Boots is the seller of many products.

Health, beauty, pharmacy, mother and baby, toiletries are sum of its product lines. It manufactures many of the products under its own brand name.

Price: Boots take pricing decision considering market conditions. It faces fierce competitive pricing from companies offering substitute products. So it has to devise a strong price mechanism that prohibits customers to purchase from other companies. (BBC, 2014)

Promotion: Boots follows an integrated efficient promotion mechanism. The company announces offers and discounts in its web portal. Gives shopping points to the customers on downloading the Boots app, gives products for half prices and discount of a fixed amount on purchase above a mentioned amount.

Packaging: Boots adopts the method of attracting customers by attractive packaging of products. Packaging is just not a container of the product but it tells about the brand name, and it is the first impression of your product to the customers.

Place: Boots is a recognised UK store. It operates targeting wider customer base both online and offline. (Masterson & Pickton, 2010)

Marketing process adopted by Boots:

Ana Maria Ciubotaru Marketing PrinciplesBoots is repositioning its brand image to target more and more customers and acquire the youth as its new target customers.

They were initially positioned in the market as low cost brand but now after reaching the maturity of product life cycle they have repositioned themselves as a brand of cosmetics “for girls with attitude”.

It is adopting the process of packaging more attractively to appeal the youth and the younger generations. (Business Case Studies, 2014)

1.2 Evaluation of the benefits and costs of marketing orientation of Boots

Having a marketing orientation will give Boots a better understanding of the needs and expectations of its customers and a better strategic planning to meet them.

Marketing orientation helps Boot to reposition its brand as it understands the requirement of repositioning by having a marketing approach.

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