Metropolitan Area Network: it is limited to coverage of a city. It offers secure communication and multipoint control in network to deal with failures but the bandwidth is shared among users. So that performance issues may appear when most of users are online ( TOPOLOGY A topology defines the structure of devices in network so that desired functionality and features can be obtained. Major network structures are:
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            Network system in an organization may helps to reduce the effort and enhance the data security. The report will discuss the benefits and constraints of network systems and topologies. The report will discuss the impact of technology and standards along with effective utilization of different networking system. The report will also discuss the role of hardware and software components and determine the server and workstation requirement of network. The report will present the network design and will evaluate the network along with implementation, testing of requirements and recommended solutions to possible problems in network. The report will present the network maintenance schedule.


1.1 Networking systems types and topologies


AMUN-RA NETWORKING TECHNOLOGIES Local Area Network: The combination of wireless and wired devices can be used to serve the small area with single storage and printing facilities. Due to Ethernet cable, network provides high speed and security in cost effective manner. However, higher traffic in network and attacks on single storage or services may break the connections.

Wide Area Network: It covers large geographical area and may contain two or more local area networks. It provides better security of resources and information as there is more than one control to keep the system running in case of failure but initial cost of installation and maintenance may be tricky.

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